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4Q10 Operating results - EZTEC reaches the top of its guidance range, launching R$887.1 million in 2010, with contracted sales 32.2% up on 2009

São Paulo, January 11, 2010.

EZTEC S.A. (Bovespa: EZTC3; Bloomberg EZTC3: BZ) announces its preliminary operating results for the fourth quarter (4Q10) and full year of 2010. Note that the results presented herein are managerial results and subject to revision following the external audit. The complete audited results for fiscal year 2010 are scheduled to be disclosed on March 24, 2011 after the close of the market.

2010 Launches

As announced on March 8, 2010, EZTEC’s guidance for fiscal year 2010 was to launch projects with own PSV of between R$700.0 million and R$900.0 million. In 4Q10, EZTEC launched 3 projects: the upper-middle-income residential projects Royale Prestige, in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, and Art’E, in Jundiaí; and the medium-income project Gran Village Vila Formosa, in São Paulo. Together, the own PSV of these projects totaled R$254.1 million, up 175.4% on 4Q09. In 2010 as a whole, launches totaled R$887.1 million in own PSV, 75.4% more than in 2009, reaching the top of the Company’s guidance range.

2011 Launches

On November 22, 2010, EZTEC released its 2011 Guidance, which calls for launches of between R$1.0 billion and R$1.2 billion in own PSV. Until the release date of this notice, the Company had launched one commercial project, named NeoCorporate Offices. Located in the Berrini region, an important commercial center in the city of São Paulo, the project has an own PSV of R$182.0 million, and on the weekend of the project‘s launch, 85% of its units had already been sold.

Contracted Sales

During 4Q10, contracted sales (EZTEC’s share) totaled R$201.0 million, 102.0% up on the same period last year, while the annual figure stood at R$746.7 million, a 32.2% improvement over 2009, 21.4% of which, or R$159.8 million, corresponded to the sale of units in inventory.

Projects Delivered

In 4Q10, EZTEC delivered 2 projects: Quality House Lapa and Evidence medium-income residential projects. When launched, they had a joint own PSV of R$107.5 million and 96% of their units have already been sold.

In the full year of 2010, EZTEC completed 8 projects, totaling own PSV delivered of R$414.7 million.

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