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EZTEC wins, for the 4th time, the PINI Developer of the Year Award

EZTEC wins, for the 4th time, the PINI Developer of the Year Award

São Paulo, January 15th of 2016 - EZTEC S.A. (Bovespa: EZTC3; Bloomberg EZTC3:BZ), was elected the winner of 6th PINI Developer of the Year Award. This was the fourth time that EZTEC was granted with the highest prize among the Real Estate Companies. In 2015, the company reached the mark of 854.034 points, the highest score among rated companies, EZTEC also won as in the categories: [i] "Financial and Economic Performance" scoring 513,670 points and [ii] "Company Behavior with Employees and Suppliers", scoring 157,776 points.

The PINI award for Best Developer is organized by PINI, which is responsible for the main articles and publications related to Architecture and Civil Construction in Brazil, with the support of the Real Estate Division of the Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo (NRE Poli-USP), reference in academic research and analysis of the real estate market in Brazil.

The PINI award is based in the qualitative analysis of the performance of Real Estate developers listed on Bovespa, and analyses companies considering their ability to generate financial results and establish a positive relationship with customers, employees, environment and society in general. The evaluation criteria were developed together with the Real Estate unit (NRE Poli-USP) and are based on a data matrix of economic, financial and behavior.

The CEO, Marcos Ernesto Zarzur, receives and thanks PINI for the Award and on behalf of EZTEC and says:

"Winning the PINI Award for the fourth time, is the recognition of consistency and integrity of the work done by this management, which can keep an above average performance, whatever the conditions and challenges to be surpassed for real estate development purposes.

The quest for control, quality, profitability and efficiency is part of the DNA of the Company and, by following this philosophy, EZTEC is confident that will continue adding value for its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders."

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