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Material Fact

Material Fact

São Paulo, September 21th, 2017 - EZ TEC and EZTB (part of the Brookfield economic group) celebrate the binding documents for the alienation of the Tower B of the commercial project EZ Towers, for R$ 650,382,478.00.

EZ TEC Empreendimentos e Participações S.A. ("EZ TEC"), pursuant to Article 157, paragraph 4th, of the Law No. 6,404 from December 15th, 1976, and to Instruction 358 issued by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) on January 3rd, 2002, and to amendments thereto, hereby informs its investors and the market in general that:

(i) In view of the conclusion of the technical, legal, and anti-bribery audit carried out by EZTB Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário - FII ("EZTB"), part of the Brookfield economic group, regarding the Tower B of the commercial project denominated EZ Towers ("Tower B"), Garicema Empreendimentos Imobiliários Ltda. ("Garicema") an enterprise controlled by EZ TEC, signed, at this date, binding documents, committing to alienate the Tower B to EZTB ("Binding Documents");

(ii) Garicema received, at this date, by way of down payment, the sum of R$ 15,000,000.00, and will receive, subject to the conditions presented below, by October 5th, 2017, from EZTB and by means of a structured financial transaction, the lump sum of R$ 635,382,478.00, indexed by the Interbank Deposit Rate (CDI) from September 18th, 2017 up to the effective payment date;

(iii) the consummation of the operations foreseen in the Binding Documents is subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions: (a) clearance, by Garicema, of mortgage present in Tower B’s registration, and (b) completion, by EZTB, of the above mentioned structured transaction, under penalty of automatic rescission of Binding Documents by operation of law.

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